Saturday, September 16, 2006

At mid-month, we continue to dodge the seasonal storms. Ernesto passed well to the west of us; Florence stayed out in the Atlantic Ocean near Bermuda; and, it looks like Gordon and Helene will track even further east. Every year at this time, we watch the tropics closely, and keep our fingers crossed that the weather patterns move the storms away from us. We recently heard an interesting statistic that 70 percent of the tropical storms occur after September 1st.

An item that has been in the local news lately relates to the disposition of the Coast Guard housing area in Buxton. The base was closed when the staff was transferred to the southern end of the state. Three options that had been discussed were: transfer the property to the National Park Service to house its employees, transfer the property to Dare County for use as affordable housing for teachers and service workers, and return the property to its natural state. County officials got a surprise last week when the Coast Guard informed them that the property had been appraised at $12 million and that the Coast Guard preferred to sell the property, not give it to Dare County. The Coast Guard base is in a beautiful location adjacent to the area where the lighthouse used to be situated. Unfortunately, there are some fairly significant issues concerning erosion and ocean overwash associated with the property. It looks like it will be a while before a final determination about the future of the base will be made.


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